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How to properly store and protect plate paper to prevent deterioration?

2023-11-01 17:18:04

Paper is a valuable cultural heritage and historical data, and proper storage and protection is very important to prevent its deterioration. Here are some suggestions to ensure the preservation and protection of plate paper.

First, the environment in which the paper is stored is key. Plate paper should be stored in a dry, suitable temperature place, away from direct sunlight. Changes in temperature and humidity are one of the main reasons for paper decay and deterioration, so a constant environmental condition should be maintained as far as possible. A professional heritage storeroom, archive or library is an ideal place to store paper.

Secondly, moisture-proof and dust-proof are necessary. Plate paper is easy to absorb moisture, and excessive humidity will lead to mold and biological erosion of the paper. Therefore, in the place where the plate paper is stored, a desiccant, humidity control device or a fan can be used to maintain a dry environment. At the same time, place the plate paper in a dry, dust-free box or folder to prevent dust and contamination.

Third, the correct handling and use of plate paper is crucial. When using the plate paper, you should pay attention to the cleaning and drying of your hands, and avoid direct contact with the surface of the plate paper. Sweat and grease from your hands can cause damage to the paper. Before handling the paper, wear gloves to prevent any contaminants from attaching to the paper. At the same time, avoid folding or damaging the plate paper, so as not to deform or break it.

Plate paper

Fourth, acidic and alkaline substances also have a certain threat to the preservation of plate paper. Many paper itself is acidic, in the long-term storage and preservation process is prone to produce acidic substances, resulting in paper yellowing and decay. Therefore, when storing and protecting the plate paper, professional acidic and alkaline neutralizer can be used to neutralize the acidic substances in the paper to maintain the stability of the paper.

Fifth, regular inspection and maintenance of the plate paper is necessary. By way of regular inspection, it is possible to detect signs of biological erosion, fading or decay of the paper. Once the problem is found, immediate measures should be taken to repair and protect the plate paper to prevent further deterioration of the problem.

Sixth, digital preservation is a good way to protect plate paper. Through digital preservation, the content and images of the paper can be recorded in electronic devices, reducing routine use and leafing frequency, thereby reducing the risk factors of paper. At the same time, digital preservation can also make the content of the plate more accessible and disseminated to protect the original quality of the paper.

Training professionals and strengthening the awareness of cultural heritage protection are the key to long-term effective protection of paper. Professionals can provide guidance and advice on the future preservation and protection of paper, while the public should also strengthen their awareness and protection of cultural heritage, in order to work together to protect this valuable cultural heritage.

In short, the correct storage and protection of paper requires attention to the storage environment, moisture and dust protection, correct handling and use, neutralization of acid and alkali substances, regular inspection and maintenance, digital preservation, and strengthening professional personnel training and public awareness. By combining these methods, we can effectively preserve and protect plate paper for generations to come.

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