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Focusing on the source manufacturer of digital integrated machine printing ink

Focusing on the source manufacturer of digital integrated machine printing ink

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I am Ye Junsong, general manager of Haiyu Thermal Plate Paper Co., LTD. From the first flash plate making paper in China to the production of digital speed printing mechanism plate paper, how did I go through setbacks all the way through 36 years? In the early 1980s, flash plate making technology was introduced into China. In order to solve the problem of relying on imports to affect the popularity of consumables, in 1987, when I was still studying in college, I have used the Sunday time with my father to develop the first localized flash plate making paper with all materials, and replacing imported products with domestic practical prices is our simple original intention. The project later became a product of Jiuzhou Special Paper Mill under Zhuhai Jiuzhou Group, which achieved mass production and sold well throughout the country, and also applied for a patent.

However, with the iteration of technology, more advanced digital all-in-one machines quickly replaced flash plate making technology. In the mid-1990s, I established a Sino-foreign joint venture, Zhuda Office Supplies Co., LTD., with the convenience of a registered company working overseas at that time, in cooperation with the former Zhuhai University. I introduced American capital through my relatives and friends, bought back the flash plate making paper project from a state-owned enterprise, and used all imported raw materials to produce the first speed printing machine plate paper in China.

More than two years later, due to the withdrawal of foreign capital and the departure of partners, the production of raw materials was quickly monopolized by peers, the production of equipment was discontinued, the factory was abandoned, the customer was lost, and the company was depressed.

After many twists and turns, I dragged the old equipment back to Guangzhou, 2003 set up Haiyu Thermal plate paper Co., LTD. There was a severe SARS epidemic that year. After multiple shocks, in 2004, from the original savings of nearly two million into more than one million in debt, talking about eight years of girlfriend also left, life fell to the bottom. When the peers are using imported materials to develop rapidly, I re-determined the road of domestic materials, by turning into cotton paper enterprises again, a breakthrough in technical difficulties, to participate in helping the industry to achieve cotton paper localization. Witnessed the whole process of domestic cotton from available to easy to use to high quality.

In 2019, the enterprise encountered the test of broken paper again. Due to environmental protection, the largest of the only two domestic suppliers was forced to shut down and stop production, and the supply of cotton paper was once again monopolized. Under the waves, history did not repeat itself, relying on its deep technical accumulation and long-term good relations with cotton paper mills, we quickly developed alternative products to ensure supply, stabilize prices, and promote the quality of cotton paper has a greater improvement. There is no less than a roll of plate paper for customers every year, and the output is also rising against the trend. Through this crisis, we have regained our footing.

Early introduction of the first speed printing machine Aosta company chairman, with the boss of the Asia-Pacific paper industry, came to the factory inspection, the Japanese in marvel at the technical professional, but not the product. At that moment I was deeply stung, why look down on Chinese products? Why are so expensive imported paper still occupying most of the market? After learning from its mouth, Japan's cotton paper must go through at least five or six processes before it will use the production of plate paper. Domestic based on technology and cost pressure, the supply of cotton paper only after two or three processes on the factory, saving is undoubtedly saving the quality, since cotton paper manufacturers can not add more than two processes, they put it on.

Today, the factory has formed its own unique production process system, and the product insists on doing five processes before leaving the factory. Plate paper production is the most difficult to control the curl, now not only to ensure that each roll of products are not curled, to ensure the smooth loading and unloading of plates, and the whole series of product test single plate printing can be more than 10,000 pieces without deformation, without breaking the plate. I don't forget my social responsibility. Plate paper production process to use organic solvents, has always been the ultimate pursuit of energy conservation and emission reduction, do our best to reduce environmental pollution. As long as there are newer technologies, from traditional mesh rollers to ultra-precision rollers to micro-concave rollers, and even alternative solvents, no expense is spared. Over the past ten years, more than three million new equipment has been invested. Only to produce a higher quality and environmentally friendly product. At present, there are three coating lines, the original water-soluble adhesive treatment technology, not only reduce the use of solvents, but also in the printing wet environment, the lubrication of the plate paper can reach the extreme, which is also one of the secrets of single plate printing volume can exceed 10,000 pieces. It has become a large domestic brand supplier, and it is also the original matching plate paper of speed printing machine manufacturers. Our products have been recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers.

Plate paper industry development so far, due to the weak raw material base, the domestic higher composite technology, domestic plate paper has occupied the vast share in the compatible market. I also did not forget the original intention of developing flash plate making paper, but also until the force of film localization. Half of a hundred miles, although engaged in the industry is not large, the output value is not very high. The company will still insist on and faith to do a good job of products, feedback to the wider number of customers, in the tide of manufacturing power, we are not mainstream, but do not hinder the long flow of water.

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