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Is there a variety of plate paper materials? How do I choose the right version?

2023-10-16 18:23:16

Plate paper refers to the paper material used for printing and print production. According to different needs and uses, the material of the plate paper also has a variety of choices. Choosing the right version paper needs to consider a number of factors, including the use of the print, the type of print, the required effect and cost. This article will introduce the common materials of plate paper and the method of choosing the right one.

Common version paper materials include coated paper, coated paper, offset paper, single plate paper, double film paper and special paper. The characteristics and scope of application of various versions of paper are different, and we will introduce them one by one below.

1. Coated paper

Coated paper is the most common version of paper, it has a high gloss and smoothness, suitable for the production of most printed matter. It has a good luster and good color reduction, can show the details and colors of the picture. Coated paper is widely used in books, magazines, posters, packaging boxes and other printed matter.

2. Offset paper

Offset paper has higher thickness and hardness than coated paper. It is more suitable for printing large areas and require high color reduction of printed matter, such as book covers, posters and so on. Offset paper can produce different light and texture through the adjustment of gloss, to meet the needs of different prints.

3. Veneer paper

Veneer paper is a thin, uncoated paper. Its paper is soft, suitable for making some prints that need to be folded and processed, such as postcards, greeting cards, paper bags and so on. The printing effect of veneer paper is better than that of general paper, which can maintain the bright color and clear pattern of printed matter.

Plate paper

4. Double film paper

Double film paper is a version paper with a smooth coating on both sides. It is characterized by a high whiteness and gloss, suitable for the production of prints requiring high texture. Double adhesive paper is suitable for printing high-quality photos, picture albums, business cards, etc.

5. Specialty paper

Specialty paper is a version of paper made of a special material, usually with a special texture, color, or texture. It is characterized by unusual paper, suitable for the production of some high-end, unique prints. Special paper is suitable for gift packaging, business cards, invitations and other printed matter.

Choosing the right version paper needs to be determined according to the use, type and effect of the print. The following are some suggestions for reference when choosing plate paper.

1. Understand the purpose and type of printed matter. Different prints have different requirements for materials, such as books, posters, packaging boxes, etc., which require different paper materials. Clarifying the purpose and type of print can help us choose the right version.

2. Consider the desired effect of the print. Different plates will have different effects on the printing effect, such as light, matte, smooth, texture and so on. Choosing the right version paper according to the desired effect can achieve better printing results.

3. Consider the cost of print. Different versions of paper have different prices and different costs. When choosing version paper, it is necessary to consider the value, demand and cost of printed matter comprehensively to achieve a balance of economic rationality and printing quality.

4. Consult professional advice. If you are unsure about the choice of version paper, you can consult a professional printing agency or consultant. They can advise on the appropriate version paper selection according to their experience and expertise.

When choosing the version paper, other factors need to be considered, such as quantity, delivery time, printing equipment requirements, etc. Considering the above factors, choosing the right version paper can improve the quality of printed matter, increase the added value of printed matter, and meet the needs of customers.

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